Joanne Marcone, Pharm.D., LPC

Psychotherapist and Substance Abuse Counselor

Individual, Couples, Family Therapy

PLEASE NOTE: Some pages within this website are still under construction. I appreciate your patience while I make necessary changes.

At Marietta Professional Counseling, my mission is to provide "holistic" care to enhance the quality of my client's life and promote emotional well-being. Wellness cannot be achieved by treating a particular symptom or illness with a medication - or with more religious counseling - or with more psychotherapy. The "whole" person needs to be taken into consideration by evaluating and treating mind, body, and spirit in concert. I also believe people do not live in a vacuum so I encourage family and friends to participate by providing couples and family counseling when appropriate. 

​​People seek counseling for a variety of reasons. Some people have trouble managing their emotions and suffer from depression or anxiety. Some have problems in their relationships with other people. Many people struggle with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, while others may have a problematic behavior with food, or sex, or the internet.  And some people don't really have a "problem" at all but are looking for personal growth in self-esteem or to find meaning and purpose in life.  In each situation something must be changed. Change takes courage.

​I encourage you to take time to browse through my web site.  Contact me if you have any questions.  I will be happy to talk with you. Additional information about my practice can be found at the "Psychology Today"​ website.

Entering into a 
Therapeutic Relationship with a therapist can be the first step toward breaking the cycle of isolation and despair. I encourage spiritual growth and promote connectedness to self and others.


As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I understand the physical consequences of stress. I provide counseling to relieve the emotional impact of long-term illness, chronic pain, and traumatic hospitalizations. 


As a Professional Counselor, I can help ease the pain of emotional illness like anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, anger, worry. . . 

I treat issues  from simple life transitions to complicated psychiatric illnesses.


"I believe Wellness is achieved by a healthy balance between  BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. Treating the whole person is the most effective way of producing lasting change. Through my understanding of the physical workings of the body and my use of psychodynamic therapy, I help my clients discover their true self and develop their own resources for healing and growth."