Joanne Marcone, Pharm.D., LPC

Psychotherapist and Substance Abuse Counselor

Individual, Couples, Family Therapy

Store shelves are stocked with an endless variety of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutritional supplements. Choosing the best supplement and deciding which manufacturer to trust can be a daunting task. BrainMD Health supplements can make this task easier. These specialized formulas are based on the latest scientific research and incorporate high quality ingredients so you can trust that you are getting the nutrients you need. Brain and Body Power is my supplement foundation because it includes 50 vitamins, minerals and plant products plus the correct balance of omega-3 fatty acid, and a special blend of ingredients to boost memory. BrainMD Health also offers a wide variety of specialized formulas to support brain function, energy, memory and learning, mood, stress reduction and sleep. 

If you have any questions about these programs, please feel free to give me a call. I offer a free 15 minute phone session as part of my private practice. Click on the "contact" for more information.

Amen Clinic Certified Brain Heath Coach

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I am proud to offer you improved services through my affiliation with the Amen Clinic, a world leader in neurology and psychiatry. As part of this association, I have access to specialized tools and resources to help my clients recover from brain-related conditions that contribute to their psychiatric distress. Brain related conditions include physical trauma due to head injury, brain damage due to exposure to environmental toxins and brain damage due to drugs. These brain-related conditions can cause many types of psychiatric problems such as anxiety, depression, memory problems, learning disorders, weight issues, and others. The Amen Method is similar to my own treatment philosophy. We both seek to treat the whole person with an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of a client. As a Doctor of Pharmacy, the Amen Clinic provides me with the scientific research that appeals to my medical training and scientific thinking. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, the Amen Clinic provides me the opportunity to unite counseling theory with scientific data. I highly recommend that you consider taking advantage of some of the products and services offered by the Amen Clinic.

If you are struggling with a brain related issue and want to know how neuropsychiatry can benefit you and your family, please feel free to give me a call. I am happy to answer questions at no charge.  My affiliation can help give you access to new treatment options. Schedule an appointment now to see whether a referral to the Amen Clinics is right for you. Start exploring the new treatment options available to you at the Amen Clinics website at

What is an "Amen Clinic Certified Brain Health Coach"

One reason I decided to become trained as an Amen Clinic Certified Brain Health Coach was to enhance my expertise in the biological aspects of mental illness(es) by completing a 15 week series of classes. After passing an examination, I became a certified Amen Clinic Brain Health Coach and have access to a variety of Amen Clinic assessment tools and to the Amen Clinic library of medical information. I am most proud to be working with an organization devoted to brain health. As Dr. Amen frequently says, "Your brain is involved in everything you do."


Brain Fit Life is a brain enhancement program similar to Lumosity, but much more. Brain Fit Life is scientifically designed to boost your memory, mood, energy, and focus. The first step in joining Brain Fit Life is to fill out a questionnaire to determine your "brain type" (this part is free). Dr. Amen identified 16 different "brain types" based on patient symptoms and over 115,000 functional brain SPECT scans. After joining Brain Fit Life, you will receive a personalized treatment plan addressing the specific needs of your brain. This treatment plan includes a variety of brain games, meditation "rooms," dietary recommendations, and so much more. I recommend that you give it a try. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. The web address is