Joanne Marcone, Pharm.D., LPC

Psychotherapist and Substance Abuse Counselor

Individual, Couples, Family Therapy

​Just  When the Caterpillar Thought Her Life Was Over . . . She Began to Fly​​​​


90-Minute Assessment 

The purpose of this one-time appointment is to help you better identify the problem. During this session I will:

  • Listen. Yes, I will listen. That is one of the things I do best. As you tell me about your problem, you will begin to hear it for yourself. I can help you identify the true problem. You may be surprised to find out "the problem" is quite different than what you originally thought.
  • Provide Education about Psychological and Medical conditions: If your problem is related to a chronic illness or due to a traumatic medical experience I can help you understand what is going on. I worked as a clinical hospital pharmacist for 25+ years and have accumulated a lot of knowledge about medical issues and medications. 
  • Provide Information about Treatment Options:I spend quite a bit of my free time visiting treatment facilities within driving distance of Atlanta. I have met with representatives from treatment facilities further away from Atlanta. So, if you think you will need "treatment" or "rehab" I can help you with the process of finding a facility that best suits your needs. Very often, people with substance abuse have secondary diagnoses such as eating disorders, sex addictions, cutting, trauma histories, . . .  These issues need to addressed as well. I can help you prioritize.
  • Provide Referrals for "The Problem": This is a one-time appointment so there is no obligation for continued care.  You can schedule additional appointments or ask me for a referral. I keep a large number of business cards on hand so I can offer a vast array of options.


The fee for the service is $125 for a 90-minute assessment. If you have insurance, I will be happy to provide you with a "super bill." Your insurance may honor the bill as an out-of-network service. If you are at a crossroad and don't call me, I hope you call someone soon. There is not point lingering in that realm any longer. 

Don't lose hope. What appears to be the sunset of your life may actually be a sunrise of a new beginning.


​The termCrossroads is used to represent a time in life when a major decision must be made while experiencing enormous stress. While the issues vary, the common thread is the decision leaves a person feeling numb, emotionally drained , and stuck

Examples of "standing at a crossroads".

  • Alcoholism - Drug Addiction or abuse: Are you trying to decide if you need to stop using mood altering substances? Or, have you come to the realization that you can't stop and don't know what to do? 
  • Have you experienced a significant loss due to death, major illness, or change of life and are unsure of the next step?
  • Are you afraid you have a mental illness like depression, anxiety, mood disorder? 
  • Perhaps the crossroad comes from a lay-off or need to change careers?
  • Are you experiencing "burn out" from chronic stress and cannot think straight, sleep, and are forgetful?
  • Have you experienced a major trauma such as an auto accident or traumatic hospitalization?

​​Many other situations exist where a person may stand at a crossroad. The point I am trying to make is that you feel paralyzed - unable to be sure you are "taking the right path” or "making the right choice.” One thing is certain - and this may seem cruel but it is true: The lesson will always repeat itself until you accept that you are the only one who can change You already know that - or you would not be standing at the crossroad!